15 ACNH Orchard Designs, Ideas & Inspiration To Try –

The orchard on your island is beautiful. But it can also be a very lucrative business. Because who wouldn’t want to be John Bell?

It’s super easy to move fruit trees and place them on the island.

But what kind of design should you pursue? Where to start?

I’ve collected some of my favorite ideas about orchards in New Horizons for you here.

15. Garden path

image source by mysteroo_.

Who doesn’t like to walk in the garden in the afternoon?

This design is perfect for those who want to relax after dinner by picking their own fruit.

You just need to arrange the fruit trees in rows, making sure that each row consists of the same type of fruit trees.

Mark a few trails and add a modified wood plank trail.

It’s perfect for a walk on a summer day, and let’s face it…. it looks great too!

14. Fruit tree island

image source by @mlturtleduck

Isn’t this heart-shaped orchard adorable?

Spread the love by recreating this amazing garden to your liking.

Just clear space on your island and start digging a heart-shaped river, creating an island in the middle.

The island can be big or small, just leave room for the trees.

You can add all the same fruit trees or mix them up. That’s good.

Finish the job with a special fruit panel to complete the look and you have the most beautiful place in town.

13. Orchard Cafe

source image @ameliarose_acnh

Imagine that: You’re picking fruit in an orchard and you’re tired, so you sit down in the fruit cafe next door. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now you can make it on your island, and it’s really easy!

First and foremost, build your garden by installing your fruit trees the way you want them. Next, take a fence to demarcate a small area for your coffee.

Prepare your coffee by adding a custom stand with your favorite fruit design and adding any fruit furniture you can find.

Looks good enough to eat, huh?

12. Camping Garden

image source by @NvrTrstTheLivin

Visitors to your campsite will not want to leave if they are sleeping in the middle of a forest of fruit trees.

Place the campsite in the middle of the orchard and then place trees in strategic places around the campsite to create an extra sense of comfort.

Don’t forget to install seating and a barbecue area.

A fireplace would also be a good addition for cold nights, and maybe some toasted marshmallows.

Your holidaymakers will love being in the middle of an orchard, with an apple for breakfast at hand.

11. Orchard Smoothie Bar

Image source : @help

So now you have a huge garden and enough fruit to last a lifetime. What are you going to do with all this?

Make a cocktail bar, of course!

Is there anything better than picking fresh fruit from trees and throwing it straight into a blender?

Use a simple panel with a smooth, customized menu to let customers know what’s available.

You can create a custom mixer stand and add a beautiful matching table.

I’m sure you hillbillies have your mouths full.

10. High garden

image source @cedarsprig_.

Give your villagers the perfect place to relax with a super cute cliffside orchard.

First, create a rock and add your favorite slope leading up it.

Fill the top of the cliff with fruit trees as desired and don’t forget to plant a bunch of flowers around it.

You can get both a fruit panel and paths that go around the trees. This way you can shake the fruit without it losing its color.

To complete this look, add some charming seats.

9. Rock

Image source by @ACNH_Barkenos

So you’ve gone to the trouble of making a rock garden and are finally done with it, but you don’t know what to do next….

An orchard is the ideal way to beautify your surroundings. Just install fruit trees and stone stools to pick up the theme.

Don’t forget to plant some flowers, you can also leave some weeds.

Just make sure you don’t place the trees too close to the rocks, or you won’t get the full reward every day.

8. Passage garden

image source @cassie_acnh

Everyone wants to walk through their island’s orchard.

This cute little facility allows villagers to walk through any part of the orchard, almost like an open-air museum.

You can also do this by separating different zones and filling each zone with a different variety of fruit trees.

You can then label each section with a small tab for each fruit. Cute, huh?

Divide each section with fences all around and then also fences in the middle of each section.

I love that they even reserved a space in this garden for their silver trees and even added a small silver sign.

After all, we all know that money grows on trees.

7. Traditional garden

Image source: unknown

If you want to keep a more traditional orchard design, this idea is for you.

Create an impressive display of fruit trees nearby.

First, mark the spot where you will plant each tree. It’s important to leave space around each tree, because if they’re too close together, they can’t grow at all.

Complete each line with a custom pointer to help you identify your beautiful fruit.

This design can be a fantastic addition to any island and allows you to keep all your fruit trees in one place. This makes it possible to harvest much faster.

6. Fruit market

Brush Image Source in the Dark

Is your island full of fruit?

Open your own fruit market!

Set up a few individual stands in the middle of the orchard and fill them with fruit and boxes.

You can even add custom patterns to the floor, such as. B. with wooden discs and wooden boards. Just to look special.

Next, place fruit trees around the stands, making sure to include each type of fruit so that it is colorful.

5. Chess garden

Image source : Birdcliffe

Is the atmosphere on the island more natural?

Then look no further, because this orchard is the perfect addition to your island.

Create small paths that run between your trees. And don’t forget to add lots of color.

The staggered arrangement of the shafts provides a perfect view of each tree.

You can add as many trees as you want. The more fruit you have, the richer you will be!

4. Orchard fields

Image source by Funkle Resident

Want to try something different from the traditional orchard layout?

Then try making these cool fruit stains.

Each plot is fenced and contains a specific variety of fruit trees.

Start by cutting through sections of your island, creating a dirt road in each area, and surrounding each section with your favorite fence.

Add your trees to any part of the garden and see your vision come to life before your eyes!

3. Lake garden

Image source : @elfhaven

There is no better feeling than creating something so exciting and then sitting back and watching your masterpiece.

That’s just the problem with this orchard: Each section is elaborately designed with wooden decks crisscrossing the terrain.

In this example, each space is filled with apples, but you can create this space with any fruit you like. You can even mix and match different styles.

This garden seems to be on the edge of a large lake; did anyone say garden with a view?

Don’t forget some rocking chairs on the side and maybe a water spout to wash the freshly picked fruit.

2. Colorful garden

source image @acnhjessica

Almost in second place, we have a super colorful orchard design.

This is guaranteed to turn heads when your residents visit the area.

First, cut a small area for each fruit tree, then plant several flowers around the base of each tree.

Add to that many scattered tables and chairs. And you can also create an atmosphere with some lanterns if you like the idea.

Nothing could be simpler!

1. Orchard apple store

Image source by @chichilittle

Thanks to this apple weighing station you know exactly how many apples you are buying.

Make a custom stand with your favorite fruit design and place the fruit on it with a few bowls.

I love the color coordination between the apples and the red tulips. It’s such a simple design, but it’s still very pretty!

This is by far my favorite orchard layout, and it can also be done with any type of fruit!

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