4 best drawing software for Gaomon tablets

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  • The best painting software for Gaomon devices offers a wide range of advanced tools for digital art.
  • The best free drawing applications for Gaomon include advanced toolkits.
  • Some of the applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite are among the best for Gaomon tablets.
  • Corel’s digital art software is also known for its advanced drawing and painting tools.

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Gaomon is a company that has launched a range of graphic tablets designed specifically for digital art.

M106K, S56K and S620 are among the most popular Gaomon tablets. These tablets come with refillable pens that can be used as real pens (or pencils) on paper.

Gaomon tablets are compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 platforms. This allows you to use most Windows drawing programs on most Gaomon graphics tablets.

These are some of the best Gaomon tablet drawing programs that will meet the drawing goals of most drafters.

What are the best drawing applications for Gaomon tablets?

Adobe Photoshop is much more than just an image editor. You can design almost anything with this software.

This is a general art and design package with many drawing and painting options for different image forms.

Photoshop is known for its pixel manipulation. But it is also very useful for manipulating vector graphics.

The user can draw images with the various shapes, pens and pencils included in Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop includes five pen-based tools. With the Freeform pen, the user can draw like on paper.

The standard Photoshop pen is very useful for drawing straight lines and curves with precision.

Photoshop has additional tools for drawing curves, content and magnetic pencils, making it a very flexible drawing program.

More useful features in Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Photoshop’s brush tool set allows you to create your own miniature brushes.
  • Includes pen-based printing options for tablet users
  • The Discover Photoshop panel allows users to quickly find new tools.
  • Use the Prescan tool to quickly find brushes, styles and shapes.

Adobe Photoshop

Get the most out of your Gaomon tablet today with this incredibly powerful and versatile software.

Corel Painter is professional drawing and painting software for digital artists and is one of the most complete art packages available.

His painting includes a wide range of pens, pencils, liquid ink and marker brushes for drawing different types of illustrations.

Artist contains tools for proportions, layouts and perspective compositions that are very useful for painting and drawing.

The non-printable Perspective Guide utility is particularly useful for graphic illustrations. Painter’s Divine Proportion feature provides tips for adding a sense of proportion to an image.

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In addition, Corel Painter’s color tools are unmatched. Users can apply colors to illustrations with layers, adjust color intensity with a saturation triangle, mix colors, and clone colors.

With tools like these, Corel Painter is ideal for painting colorful manga images.

Other useful features in Corel Painter

  • Includes customizable user interface design
  • Supports stylus, bearing and pressure regulator for tablets
  • Allows the user to create their own brushes
  • Painter’s AI styles feature allows the user to apply 12 sets of alternative visuals.
  • The brush accelerator optimizes brush settings.

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Create beautiful works of art on your Gaomon tablet with this great software.

Clip Studio Paint users can choose from a large number of high-quality brush presets or create their own alternatives.

This software allows the user to adjust the weight, texture and feel of the pen lines. Moreover, you can download many custom pens to draw with the resources of Clip Studio.

This software also includes practical tools for creating technical drawings.

It includes symmetrical, perspectival and concentric circle rulers, which are very useful for three-dimensional construction drawings.

These are all tools that graphic designers will appreciate.

Other useful features of Clip Studio Paint

  • Includes customizable three-dimensional reference models
  • Users can adjust the tablet’s print settings for the pen
  • The vector map feature of the CSP allows the user to modify the lines after they are drawn.
  • Users can draw recurring patterns with the CSP’s decorative brushes.

Clip Studio Paint

Autodesk SketchBook is drawing software with robust creative tools for illustrated art.

This software is mainly designed for portable devices such as tablets and mobile phones. The best part is that Autodesk SketchBook is free to download.

SketchBook users can choose from a wide selection of brushes, including pencils, markers, and markers for drawing.

If you can’t find a suitable brush in the sketchbook, you can customize a brush to suit your needs in terms of shape, roundness, size, opacity and even texture.

SketchBook also includes symmetry, perspective, and ruler tools for drawing. Symmetry tools make it easy to apply symmetrical image effects.

You can use SketchBook’s perspective planning tool to create images with vanishing points and horizons. Rulers are useful for drawing straight and curved lines.

Other useful Autodesk SketchBook features

  • Sleek user interface reduces menu clutter
  • The drawing engine supports a 100 mpx canvas.
  • Includes a reply window for ballpoint pens.
  • The Thumbnail Layer Editor contains tools for working with layers.

Autodesk Sketchbook

To draw on boards, it’s best to use specialized tools that support this feature, and few things work as well as Autodesk Sketchbook!

Here are four excellent drawing software packages to help you make the most of the capabilities of Gaomon pens and the graphics tablet. SketchBook, Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop CC and Clip Studio Paint contain all the drawing tools most artists will need for their paintings.

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