Apex Legends Update 1.55 is live – Fight Night Patch Notes

A new year and a new patch – the first update of Apex Legends for 2021 has been released. Below you will find all the details about this update of the 5th. January.

The Apex Legends 1.55 update is now available as download for all platforms. In total, depending on the platform, approximately 16.5 GB must be downloaded and installed.

Today’s update, called Fight Night, brings new content, improvements and bug fixes.

Vertex Update 1.55 Release Note


  • A new kind of temporary game, Bird Drop Kidnapping.
  • The hijacking of the City of Scouts
  • The Battle Night Collectors’ Event and associated prizes, collectible cosmetics and a new relic of Gibraltar.
  • Once again, the MNR, generous thieves…
  • And a lot of balance changes and bug fixes.


With this update we are testing a new approach to LCM. Instead of launching itself as its own playlist, Airdrop Escalation LTM will be a revival of the usual Play Apex mode. It’s a classic Battle Royale, but with a few, much bigger drops. Immediately after leaving the jump you will find a group of four supply drops on the map. With each lap more and more weight is lost at the same pace as with the Lifeline Care Packages.

Each delivery contains a fully equipped weapon, the characteristics of which vary depending on the ammunition. In the first round there are z’s. B. Level 2 weapons, while red armor and box weapons are used in the fourth round. Just like a normal weapon when it’s fully loaded, you can’t break it or trade it for another weapon. And, of course, conventional weapons and firearms will continue to look like loot.


Drop your weapons and prepare to fight in Pathfinders Town Takeover: Fighting in the style of the night.

When you enter the ring, no player is allowed to use his weapons or any of his abilities. The only way to beat someone is to put your fists on the ground. Oh, and don’t worry about external interference with the ring – no projectiles, grenades or external capabilities can penetrate the ring’s force field.


Editor’s comments : It seems that the fire buffer has been removed, that Horizon has the guts and that there are new updates for the ring. Relevant caustic parts that are no longer applicable shall be crossed out.


Nothing too meta this time; we give Season 7 some extra time to put things on hold. Horizon puts down a solid, but not overwhelming performance. The following buffers are designed for a slight increase in power. Rampart still needs full power, and the Caustic buff is an extra compensation for the loss of visibility due to gas during season 7. Note that if you look at our records, on the 7th. The change of season has been a solid buffer for Lauge, but he’s not quite where we want him to be.







Updating the ring

Hoping to spread the chaos that may arise in the last rings, we will make some adjustments to rings 5 and 6.


The ultimate accelerators can now be used without having to open your inventory. If your Ultimate Accelerator is currently unavailable, simply press the button (or buttons on your controller) to activate it and you will retrieve and automatically use any accelerator stored in your inventory.

If a group member leaves your lobby for any reason, all group members will be marked as not ready. This should prevent random throwing when your buddy dives a second time.

  • Button added Mark everything as seen. Click here to remove annoying (I mean useful) red dots.
  • From now on, the nearest (from Spectral) distress beacon will always send a distress signal to the nearest beacon, unless you have enough time to use it before the ring closes on the beacon, instead of sending a standard signal to the nearest beacon in the next safety ring.
  • We will now show you how many treasure bags you will need to buy the next page of the comic book. It’s just to make it easier for those who are chasing a new legend to know where they stand.
  • The caustic man should now knock on the door with a Heirloom hammer instead of his foot, if possible.
  • We’ve added some information in the Find Friends field to describe a situation where your friend may not be found because of his EA settings.







  • Solved a problem where two safety-deposit box keys were broken when there were two keys in the Crypto inventory.
  • Solved a problem where Huck was stuck in the trident when he was a passenger and the trident was in the driveway.


  • A bug fixed that caused other players to teleport with Revenant when they hit Revenant while he was in very bad health.
  • Solved a problem that prevented Revenant from using the Death Toem while he was on the Trident.




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