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The game: General: Strategy System : Mobile
Developer : FuryLion age rating
: EU 3+ | USA All
Price : Free download (when purchased in the application up to €99.99) Release date
: 14. September 2019

Training of the team

Generals is a mobile game where you assemble and then send an army to fight against an enemy castle, hoping to destroy it before they destroy yours. The title is a bit simple and doesn’t stand out from the moving crowd. But if you find it, there is an occasional strategy game that you can get into for a while.

The game starts with the king destroying your castle because you have apparently met his daughter. A rather strange assumption that never seems to be questioned. I think the idea was to show you how powerful armies become later in the game, and you, as a novice castle defender, have a long way to go to improve. The graphics are cartoony and cute, which makes the game user-friendly for all spectators.

Click on your troops to win

Strategy for cranes

The gameplay is designed to be fun and easy. Touch controls are fast and responsive. Basically, you select a few troops and drop them on the grid at the bottom of the screen. These troops range from frontline soldiers to walls and cannons, to various warriors that help to overthrow the enemy castle. Before the battle you can observe the placement of enemy soldiers, so you can place your troops and defenses in the right place. If you press the fight button, you lose control of your troops and just see if you can do it. You win a battle if you take down an enemy castle or if the game timer drops to zero and your castle is still standing. It is not necessary to destroy all enemy troops to win. There is also no penalty for failure. If you lose, you don’t lose troops or money, and you can replay the battle as many times as you like by playing with different terrain setups. This makes the experience quite relaxing and inviting to casual observers. The game also has a small but interesting feature that allows you to create simulated battles with your troops and those of the enemy to train for different troop placements to succeed.

I was able to jump from level to level and win battles. But since this game is free to download, you end up hitting a wall. In the end, I was ill-equipped to face the enemy army, leaving me with two options. Wait to upgrade your troops with coins or gems, or of course pay a little money to get those unlocks faster.

Easy to manage and play


Of course, since Generals is free to download, that means the game has microtransactions, which I’ll talk about a bit more here. There are two currencies in the game, gold and green gems. Both can be obtained in the game without spending money, but green gems in particular take a long time unless you pay for different levels to get them faster. These gems can then be used to upgrade multi-level chests, which, when unlocked, randomly reward you with more gold and cards, the latter of which can give you new warriors, new defenses, or cards to help you improve existing ones. Personally, I’m not a fan of microtransactions. I’d rather pay a flat fee for the whole gaming experience. However, we live in the modern world, and I respect why game developers include this.

Microtransmissions available

Single catch

Generals is a game that encourages you to play it often in small increments. You constantly unlock rewards for completing different daily tasks, and even as you go to a higher level, you get more rewards. If you log in at different times of the day, the game will reward you with daily gifts. However, I’ve noticed that one of the daily rewards doesn’t open until midnight, and there’s no way I’m staying late for that. You can also join clans, connect your social networks, receive notifications and even fight armies from other countries online for more rewards.

If you are prone to video game addiction, I would probably advise you to approach this game with caution. While I don’t think the developers want to hurt anyone’s feelings, this mobile design doesn’t encourage all players to connect regularly. Know your limits and don’t spend money you don’t think you have to spend. I got the impression that many of the playable generals were focused on unlocking more chests and achievements, rather than the fun part of strategy.

Click to reward

I have played many generals without spending any money. Unlike many other mobile games, this way you can enjoy Generals when you want to. My approach was about half an hour a day with the notifications turned off. I also did not connect my social media and I still managed to make gradual progress if your patient can still enjoy Generals for free.


Generals is a cute mobile game that is a fun pastime for casual gamers. Personally, I don’t care how games handle microtransactions or encourage the player to log in regularly for rewards. But it’s not as predatory as some of the mobile games I’ve seen.

All in all, it’s a relaxing time where you can immerse yourself, whether you’re bored on the couch watching TV or waiting for the bus in the rain. Make sure your phone is not wet.

Final Verdict: I like her.


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