How to complete How the Mighty Fall in Dubai in Hitman 3

There are many ways to destroy a target in Hitman 3. A good way to do this is to follow some of the many options in the mission and give yourself a specific result. In Dubai you’ll find a mission called As Mighty Fall.

You can start by entering the Atrium and climbing the stairs on the left side of the room. A terminal will appear at the top that you can interact with, and you can choose to accept this feature.

Interaction with Card Clip

As soon as you start the mission, Grey collapses; he wants to fully share his revenge with the partners, but he wants you to secure the server room. To find the location of the server room, you must access the card terminal. There’s one on the right side of the atrium, on the other side of where you started as Mighty Fall.

Enter service area

According to Gray, the best way to access the server room is through the staff room, looking at the terminal floor plan. A new warning mark for the opportunity is displayed on the map. It’s on the other side of the map, next to the stairs that led you to the atrium.

When you arrive at the service area, it will be locked with the key code. But Grey quickly learned the password. 4-7-0-6. Enter it in the key code and you’ll have access to the door.

Mr. Gray will tell you that there is quite a bit of security in the area when you come through the gate, and he will recommend a scenic route. But before we go any further, there are two NPCs in front of you. In the left corner there is a void that can be activated as a distraction. A staff member from the event will then be present and you can turn it off. All that’s left is to smoke the last one. Bring them along and you can wear their outfits to disguise the event staff.


Along Scenic Drive

Once the two employees have left, go to the lobby. Two guards will be standing next to the vending machine and, although they may notice you, you may pass them on your way to the next vending machine, as long as you don’t stay in their field of vision for long. When you enter the room, you have to scan the window with the camera, but the guard standing there finds you suspicious. To get past this guard, go back to the hallway you just entered and there is a bathroom where you can go over the sink.

All you have to do is wait for one of the guards to do their research, go to the bathroom with her and restrain her from being disguised. Now, the two guards won’t find you suspicious, and you can scan the window for access. But wait until the room is free.

When you open the window, you can move to the side of the ledge and navigate to the next route. You’ll have to sneak along the ledge to the right until you find a spot, and then go up. There should be a scaffold you can stand on, right next to the stage of the mission. Once there, scan the window to open it and enter the corridor.

Server roomFind

The next step is to find the server room, but you’re going to break into your current coverage. We suggest you find someone else. You can do this by bending over to avoid being spotted and going to the storage area in the leftmost corner of the hallway. There will be a maintenance man and you will send him back with his disguise off.

Fortunately, the server room is connected to the storage room. Get in, and you can access the servers Gray needs.

Activate manual bypass procedure

The server terminal is located in the middle of the room. Unfortunately, it’s locked and you can’t access it until you redefine it. You will need to do this manually by pulling one of the server racks into the room. Whichever one you remove, the silent alarm will sound and you will have to hide. After the alarm goes off, two guards come in. Once they’re gone, Gray knows you can use the keyboard.

To the left of the server is a hallway that leads you to the technician who owns the unit. You’ll have to pass in front of a person who recognizes you in a maintenance disguise, but if you’re quick, they won’t bother you. Deal with the maintenance worker however you want, as long as it’s quiet and he drops the key card when he dies. Pick it up and bring it back to the server room to be examined. The server module on the left has been modified. If you pull it, the alarm will not sound and you will have access to the terminal. You can change the schedule by clicking on the first block of the terminal and then going to the next step.

Search the panelling of the caretaker’s apartment

You need to purchase a penthouse keeper’s jacket before you meet the partners at the meeting. There are many guards walking around on the current floor, but one of them is right in front of the maintenance room. If they go into the corner with the water jug, they should be restrained and dragged to the maintenance area. They can keep their bodies in the closet and go to the meeting disguised.

Penetration into the top floor

With the apartment’s concierge in disguise, you can now go upstairs to meet the partners. However, one of the guards on this floor will identify you on your way to that meeting. You can quickly get around it by turning left to enter the conference room, then you can climb the stairs without any problems until you reach the partners. When you arrive in the same room as them, you activate the Security Terminal, then the door closes behind you and a gray color appears on the screen when you speak to them. The trio goes back and forth, and you can finally complete the mission by eliminating them. After removing them, activate the security console in the room and exit through any exit.

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