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The shooting game is arguably one of the oldest genres in video game history. If I remember correctly, Galaga was probably my first concert at the arcade or, more likely, at an ice rink called Skateland in Minnesota. I liked playing arcade games there because I was a kid and skating made me bigger and it was easier to play. Of course, I was about ten years old at the time. They were funny, but it’s easy to see where the term neighborhood comes from. Looks like you’re going to crash and burn soon, then set up another room for a moment of brutal punishment.

I’ve never heard of Psikyo or played with any of their shooters, but thanks to NIS America I can try out six brand new old shooters thanks to their new collection on Switch : Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha.  Six games in one package, it’s always great fun. I did. I started playing at Stryker’s in 1945. I didn’t change any settings to see how far I could go. Honestly, I didn’t get very far in my first game of life, and I’m going with what I got. I figured I might as well stay in the family, so Strykers 1945 II was next on the list. The graphics and sounds were a bit more advanced, but that didn’t change the fact that I still sucked and could only participate in the second battle. The conclusion of the trio was (you guessed it) Striker 1945 III, and damn, the graphics and music here were a bit more advanced, as it must be said given the years between releases. Then I tried the rest of the games to see what variation we had in store. Sol Divide is a side-scrolling shooter with a bit of beat ’em up action. Dragon Blaze is a powerful shooting game with a medieval feel, and finally Zero Gunner 2 rounded out the experience, and it was the most fun because I had never played a shooting game like this before. Let’s dive into the individual titles, shall we?

Actually, I’ll treat the three 1945 Strykers games similarly here, as they offer essentially the same gameplay with slight graphical differences. I had so much fun playing with them all. There is something I want to point out about this collection. Each of these games is similar to my Galaga intro, they are designed to get someone to pump money into the cabinet to continue. I realize I’m old, slow and thoughtful these days, but I’m from generation X……. I can play anything, and I can play anything better than you. No, I can’t. But I don’t understand how we can get past a level here without blowing ourselves up at least once. You can give up the difficulty, but it’s stupid. I always, and I mean ALWAYS, play games under normal circumstances, especially the first time. I’m never stupid or have self-righteous tantrums.

But sometimes the whole screen just lights up on a single shot. But that’s where you have to use your bombs. When you detonate one of your powerful bombs, it destroys everything on the screen, including the projectiles that fall on you. I’ve learned that someone who really wants to dedicate their life to being good at these games can probably memorize every pattern from start to finish. I can’t do it. Not because I can’t physically do it, but because I just want to enjoy my time. Even when I wanted to go through all the steps to see the end of it, I hired my son, I let him live, and I continue to live indefinitely. So we were able to play all six songs.

Solid Divide came next and, from apples to oranges, I didn’t like this game as much as the other five. It’s a side-scrolling shooter that controls a person, or at least the appearance of a person. They fire projectiles or use whatever weapon they have. My son, who is twelve years old, loved him more than anyone else. He dominated him and made me look like a fool who never plays games. That’s probably why I didn’t like it. The little punk, or sweet boy, just resonated with the game.

Then I played Dragon Blaze. It was super fun, just like Strykers, except you’re the guy riding the dragon. The difference is that you can jump out of your dragon and do a little more damage to it. Each ship, character, dragon and helicopter has its own special sauce to defeat the enemies. I really recommend trying them all, because 1) it’s a lot of fun to try each combination, and B) there may be a particular plane, helicopter, dragon, or character that better suits your style of play. My style is to pray and stutter to be clear.

Finally, my absolute favorite was Zero Gunner 2, where bad guys are shot with helicopters. Hold down button A to set the pivot point, and then you can maneuver around the pivot point as the helicopter wants. Enemies come from all sides. It was the most original title of the game and he collected the whole collection for me in a very special way.

As I said before, I had never played Psikyo slots before, and I loved all the games, as did my son. I give you a recommendation if you are planning to spend money on these games: Don’t exhaust your life and only move on when you’ve had enough and want to reach a new level. A big part of the fun of the shooter genre is making progress and then beating your own score or competing against annoyingly talented kids. This collection will be even sweeter if you have a passion for automatic shooters or if you have fond memories of these games in the arcades. Even without this nostalgic value, I think the collection is worthwhile and an excellent addition to my Switch library. Some games in this pack support Tate mode, allowing you to rotate the screen Switch on the side to use the entire vertical area of the screen. If you have a Flip Grip, now would be a good time to use it!

Psikyo Shooting Star Alpha overview
  • Charts – 9/10
  • Sound – 9/10
  • Gameplay – 9/10
  • Late Call – 7/10


Final thoughts : EXAMPLES

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha is a fantastic collection of shots. Of course, this comes with a small caveat, because if you like shooters, it will satisfy your cravings for many hours in the end. If you’re not a fan of the genre, then you should give it up, just like all the other shooters in the past. This is high grade fan maintenance and should be treated as such.

Jay has been an avid gamer since the days of intelligence.  His hobbies include building personal computers, 3D modeling and printing, and spending time with his kids and dog.


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