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Fans love FF games for their fascinating universes, detailed world building, memorable characters, and of course, monstrous weapons.

After all, what is Cloud without Buster’s sword? Or Squall without his gun?

The exciting mix of blades, magic and fantasy that pervades Final Fantasy has produced one of the coolest and most iconic weapons in the game.

If there’s one thing you can definitely find in every issue of FF, it’s an interesting weapon. From giant swords to underwater footballs, these are our top picks for the coolest weapons in the entire franchise.

20. Zantetsuken

One of the most powerful and recognizable recurring challenges in the Final Fantasy franchise is Odin, an evil armored warrior who freely takes inspiration from the Norse god of the same name.

He could always be seen riding his ruddy Sleipnir and with the Zantetsuken, the name of his sword and his most powerful move.

The name of the sword translates to Iron Cutting Sword, which means that the blade can easily cut through metal.

In most games, this means there is a serious risk of accidentally killing enemies with one hit, regardless of their remaining health.

It may not be a weapon we can equip, but it’s still great.

19. Kane Lance

Few classes are as impressive as the Dragons, and FF4’s Kane Highwind is one of the most iconic examples of these skilled warriors.

The spear that bears his name has been used in several other Final Fantasy titles in his honor. You can get it for Freya in the Memoria dungeon of FF9, and it’s one of Fang’s main weapons in FF13.

It’s also a fantastic weapon in Final Fantasy Tactics.

For the most part, it looks like the cover of FFIV, with some minor modifications.

18. Magitek Armor

The sword and magic are by far the most common fighting tools in the multiverse of Final Fantasy.

But they are hardly alone – there is also the Magitek armor.

Final Fantasy’s power armor was introduced in the opening sequence of FF6, where Terra Branford demonstrates his destructive power while brainwashing the Crown of Slaves.

They also appear in FF14 as one of the war weapons of the Garlin Empire (and a soft mountain), and in FF15 as one of the most powerful tools of Niflheim.

While Vanilla’s Eidolon Hecatoncheir is not designed to be a reference in FF13, it could become a remarkably similar vehicle.

17. Excavator

All the great wonders of the world are copied or cloned at some point.

The legendary Excalibur sword is no exception.

But the lines will never match the real thing, and Excalipur could not be further from it.

Although this smuggler’s weapon looks exactly like Excalibur – it even has the same stats in the game menu – it can barely do any damage from slime.

The weapon was first introduced in FF5, where Gilgamesh, the ward of Exdeath, thinks it’s the real deal and tries to use it to defeat your group in one of the most embarrassing battles in the game.

16. Blitzball

Another cool item that probably shouldn’t be used as a weapon is Blitzball, which Spira uses to play underwater soccer, the sport of the same name.

I’m sure Wakka from FFX is an experienced blitz player. And he is the pride of Besaid Auroch.

But bringing a ball to fight monsters makes no sense.

The reality of the game is that Vacca’s weapons are constantly lagging behind the rest of the group.

Still, it’s important.

And even if it’s not the best, it’s pretty amazing how much can be accomplished with a simple ball and a little skill.

15. Death penalty

Capital punishment is Vincent Valentine’s gun in Final Fantasy VII, where it can be purchased in Lucretia’s Lair at the same time as Vincent’s fourth break.

This classic weapon is based on the Colt revolver, but it’s more than just a pretty face.

The more Vincent is killed by this weapon, the more powerful it becomes. That makes him technically omnipotent as long as you keep shredding these bastards.

Since then, the name death penalty has appeared on many firearms and has become synonymous with the word cool gun.

14. May

There’s something about a down-to-earth thug that transcends an arrogant magician that always makes me smile.

And the Wizard Masher is here to do it.

First seen in FF4, Mage Masher has the ability to impose the Mute on spellcasters to prevent them from casting.

Most FF knives are weak, but not this one.

It became a recurring weapon on the show. And it’s even been added to some remakes of the original Final Fantasy.

The most emblematic incarnations are the Zidane Tribal double blade signature from FF9. A very similar model can be purchased as a CSD for 15 FF.

13. Sunflower

Superb stats and a unique design can be found in Turnesol, the most powerful Big Word you can get in FF13.

Its beautifully curved blade bears cryptic inscriptions on the side. This, in combination with the sun/moon motif on the handle, gives the impression of a mythical weapon.

Quite difficult to synthesize, but it’s worth the effort.

Vaan is not my favorite character in the franchise, not even by a long shot. But with that gun, even he looks really cool.

You can also think of Sunflower as one of the fake weapons Gilgamesh uses in FF14, and having him in FFT Advance 2 is a huge advantage.

12. Fixture

A sacred sword is essential in any paladin’s arsenal, and Lightbringer is the best of them all.

It is one of the most powerful weapons ever seen in the series, surpassing even the Ultima weapons in FF6.

It was very hard to get, because you had to put the already precious Ragnarok in the Dragon’s Neck Coliseum and win.

This weapon shares its name with Azor Ahai’s legendary flaming sword in Ice and Fire, and it’s about as cool.

You’ll also find it in remakes of the original Final Fantasy and in some FF4 ports, as well as in many derivative games.

11. Blaisefire Sabre

Lightning is one of the coolest heroines in the Final Fantasy series, and definitely one of the coolest girls in all of the Final Fantasy games.

And his gun is not left behind.

The Blazefire sword is a personalized blade that changes shape according to its owner’s intentions. It’s perfect for a one-man army like Lightning, and it allows him to fight at a distance and at close range with a single tool.

This sheet has even become FF14, and you can get two for Noctis as FF15 DLC.

10. Lulu dolls

Few things are as fun as watching a beautifully stuffed doll crush an opponent multiple times, like a hippo or a large Marlboro.

FF10’s Lulu dolls come in a variety of shapes, including Moogles, Cactars and even Onion Knight.

The knight’s bow is considered a celestial weapon and is one of Lulu’s best weapons.

Among other things, it can break the damage ceiling in the game after a few updates.

9. Save the queen

Save the Queen is the name of an elegant and somewhat feminine leaf that unleashes a heavenly fury to protect its wearer.

It was first introduced in FF4 as the most powerful weapon in the Celes. And it has been in the hands of fierce warriors like Snow of FB13 and the brutal General Beatrix of FB9 several times since.

Since Beatrix is a general in the women’s army that serves under the Queen, this sword could not be more appropriate.

8. Masamune

Few names are as well-known in the world of blacksmithing as that of legendary Japanese swordsman Masamune Okazaki, who is said to have forged the finest katana the island nation has ever seen.

In time, his name became synonymous with powerful swords.

Including Masamune in Final Fantasy – and more specifically the Sephiroth Blade in FF7.

This sword is colossal, it’s about a meter long.

Somehow, the black-haired swordsman acts like it’s nothing. It’s absurd, and that’s what makes it really cool.

7. Revolver (knife)

We’ve already done a report on the Blazefire light saber. But the first knife of the franchise was Squall’s FF8 revolver.

This is an excellent example of a gun designed to display functionality.

It would be difficult to wield a sword and impossible to aim with that much weight, but who cares? The grain doesn’t seem to bother you. And it’s super cool.

The revolver has become the poster child for ridiculous weapons in the game.

It has also appeared in other franchises such as Kingdom Hearts and, oddly enough, Parasite Eve.

6. Lionheart

If you didn’t mind the nonsense and thought Revolver was cool, wait until you see Lionheart.

The gun is the first weapon Squall gets, but not the last.

The heart of the lion is his ultimate weapon. And so it seems.

The large, bright blue blade turns heads, and the addition of several alternative handles shows that the designers have thought about functionality – at least at first glance.

And his acquisition unlocks Squall’s ultimate weapon – aptly named Lionheart.

5. Ragnarok

Ragnarok, the apocalyptic war of the Scandinavian gods, takes the form of a powerful sword in Final Fantasy.

First seen in FF3, Ragnarok – also known as Crystal Sword – is still one of the most powerful weapons in the games where it appears.

This includes classics like FF4 and FF7, as well as new releases like FF14 (where it’s an axe).

It last appeared in FF15 as Noctis’ one-handed weapon.

Designed to harmonize with the character’s modern clothing, it has a reddish hue that seems quite futuristic.

4. Brotherhood

Many of the weapons on this list have gained notoriety over the years through various games.

But the Brotherhood is different.

These weapons are synonymous with FFX and priceless fan memories made by playing this fantastic game.

Not only that, but the magazine itself is formidable.

The crystalline material is reminiscent of clear seawater and the hook at the end of the rim is something you want at sea.

It’s an easily recognizable sword in the franchise. You’ll see it on promotional materials, keychains, tattoos and the cover of the game itself.

3. Excalibur

Anyone familiar with the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table will recognize Excalibur, the magical knight’s sword given to him by the Lady of the Lake to protect his kingdom.

In the world of Final Fantasy, there is no Britain to defend.

But the sword continues to appear in most games.

It is a blade worthy of a knight, and any character of this type would have much to gain by seeking it out – especially in the original Final Fantasy, where it is the most powerful weapon.

The Gilgamesh antagonist is often possessed by Excalibur, so you’ll probably have to deal with him before you get your hands on it.

2. Recall Sword

Everyone knows about Buster’s sword.

The image of this giant butcher knife has been synonymous with RPGs and games for most of the 2000s, and it recently caught the public’s attention again with the release of the FFVII remake.

It’s not the most powerful sword in the cloud. But he guides it in promotional materials, concept art and game covers.

You will also see it hanging around the neck or on the keys of many fans of this particular entry in the series.

1. Ultima Weapons

The most powerful, cool, and durable superweapon in the Final Fantasy franchise is the Ultima Weapon, also known as the Atma Weapon in FF6.

This destructive power makes him either an extra super boss, a weapon, or both in almost every game.

It can also take many forms as a weapon.

In FF7 it’s a sword, and in Dirge of Cerberus Vincent’s best weapon is called Ultima.

The one thing they have in common with all FF games is that they are all incredibly powerful.

The combination of the Ultima weapon’s appeal as a boss and as an outfit makes it the coolest weapon in Final Fantasy history.

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