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One thing I said about Control 2019, probably the best game Remedy Entertainment has ever made, is that it’s a next-generation game running on hardware that was seriously outdated at the time. It was super, its gameplay was fantastic, its art direction was among the best I’d seen to date, but it suffered from heavy loads and framing issues. It was just too much for the Xbox One and PS4, whether it was the base or Pro version of each console. Then the next generation of Control Ultimate Edition was announced, a package that includes the base game and all the DLC released so far.

I was more excited about this PS5 port than most early games for the system, simply because I knew I would finally be tackling what is essentially a next-generation game with the hardware and power it has always deserved. Fortunately, a cure has been found. That’s the right way to play this masterpiece.

They look very comfortable.

I won’t go into the details of the plot and set of Control, but I will just say that yes, it is weird and completely crazy. You’ll have to read some file logs to find out what’s going on, but the important thing is that it’s worth checking.

It’s got everything: paranormal activity, references to the X-Files, Lynchian oddities, one of the best places in recent memory (the excellent old Brutalist house), and a lot of characters, especially the main character Jesse Faden. Honestly, the only thing I don’t like about Control is that Jesse keeps interrupting important conversations to explain the obvious in internal monologues. It’s as if Sam Lake thinks we need to be constantly reminded of what’s going on, as if we can’t grasp it all ourselves. That said, it’s still a fantastic game that we’re excited about for 2019. I’m here to see the improvements that have been added to this PS5 version of Control Ultimate Edition, and oh boy, are they tasty.

Do me a favour, Hiss.

For starters, the most glaring problem of the PS4 and Xbox One versions has been cut back: the frame rate. I played Vanilla Control for the first time on the Xbox One, and while I enjoyed it, I constantly had to deal with the dreaded framerate that never missed 25 frames per second. In Control Ultimate Edition, you have two options: a performance mode that’s already better than previous versions of the game, giving you a near-constant speed of 60 frames per second, and a visual mode.

Hey, would you mind sharing some of your overpowered and redundant weapons with me? I do most of the work here anyway ….

Visual mode maintains a frame rate of 30 frames per second, albeit with some timing issues, but offers a slightly higher resolution and is one of the main selling points of the PS5 version : Ray-tracing. The addition of ray tracing makes the game even more beautiful than before, especially when you are in the Astral Plane and also in a ravaged room where the flashing red lights look even more impressive than before. Does that make a difference? No. I honestly think playing Control Ultimate Edition at a higher framerate makes for a much more enjoyable game than before. Especially during sections full of particles and enemies to defeat, such as. B. the Astral Spike riddle on the Old Boys Club mission.

Controls: Where destroying office furniture is as much fun as the game itself.

Other notable improvements include a significant reduction in file size (up to 25GB), virtually no boot times, and some neat implementations of the DualSense controller. Nothing shocking, but I love how the controller reacts to every step you take, with different rumble effects depending on the type of surface you walk on. The strength of the R2 trigger also depends on the type of weapon you own. If your service pistol is set to pistol mode, the trigger will operate slightly slower, as with any semi-automatic weapon. The opposite happens z. B. when used in machine resistance.

Ray tracing is sexy, but I chose run mode. You can’t say no to 60 frames per second.

The PlayStation 5 version of Control Ultimate Edition is one of the best, if not the best game available for the system so far. The game is finally available on a system that has enough power to handle the graphics, physics and insane gameplay. This, combined with virtually no load times, numerous graphics presets, and small but welcome implementations of DualSense features, makes this the best and most essential Remedy masterpiece to play.

The ray tracing makes the already beautiful room even more appealing to the eye. But the star of the show is the performance mode, which allows the game to run at 60 frames per second and is more appealing than the last generation versions. The gameplay of the controls was already excellent in 2019. Even better, as you can now play with a much more stable frame and load times have been significantly reduced.
The controller has an excellent voice, even if Jesse’s internal monologues get tiresome after a while. The soundtrack is also very good, both the score and the licensed songs. A fantastic setting, improved graphics, almost non-existent load times, stunning DualSense effects and all the DLC released so far make this version of Control the definitive edition of Remedy’s best game yet.
Last block: 9.5

Control Ultimate Edition is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC and Switch (via the cloud).

Reviewed on PS5.

A copy of the final edition of Control has been provided by the publisher.


How do you load…

Try it!

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