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Relatively new to the scene, 5 Lives Studios has only one other game to its name, a futuristic cyberpunk type game called Satellite Reign. Now they are trying a survival game with Windbound. At first glance, it could be confused with Zelda:. Breath of Nature or Zelda: Wind turbine. The game is made in a very cartoony graphic style, but if you immediately compare it to Zelda , it is a strong game.

The game begins with Kara sailing through a storm with her people. He’s flying at low altitude, shipwrecked, and wakes up on an island, apparently in the eye of the storm. All she needs to survive is a small dagger. It’s very practical, because it allows him to collect objects that can in turn be used to make materials. Eventually you will find enough material to build a small boat and explore the other nearby islands.  Little is known about these foreign lands, or about Kara herself. You have no one to talk to during exploration, and the only dialogue seems to be in Kara’s head at certain points in the adventure.

Wind is divided into chapters, each on a different island. Each island chain has three towers that Kara must activate to continue the story. With each activation and between chapters, more of the plot reveals who she is. Secrets begin to emerge about the giant creatures prowling around and how she manages to be shipwrecked.

Like I said before, it’s a survival game from the start. Item creation is important throughout the game, and tools and weapons should be at the top of the list. The more weapons you use, the more you use them. So you need to be prepared and have the resources to do more at any time. Recipes are learned automatically as Kara discovers new materials. For example, to make a leather scarf, you need to collect enough tall grass to make a rope, then collect leather from animals and dry it over a fire to make leather. Put it together and bam bam, you have a leather belt.

Of course, if you want to run, you also need to take care of yourself by eating. There are two bars to watch out for: Sustainability and health. Attacking and running requires temporary stamina, setting the bar during the race and with each attack, but gradually recharging it. Over time, your maximum endurance decreases and drops quite rapidly. To regain maximum stamina, Kara must find food or cooking utensils. For example, you can harvest a lot of vegetation. B. Berries on shrubs and mushrooms on trees. You can eat them as they are, which is somewhat beneficial because they don’t take up space in your inventory. Again: If you’re trying to make a recipe, you should wait until the end, but it can deteriorate if you keep it too long.

Fortunately, the crafting system of this game is pretty good. Sometimes it can be a stumbling block if it’s too hard or too long. Most things don’t take too long to make, unless they need a fire, in which case it may take a little longer to roast or dry. For example, to build a grass canoe, take a rope and some grass. The bamboo raft takes bamboo rope and grass.

If the system itself is good, the interface to it is confusing. Pressing the RZ button on the controller opens the creation system, with a recipe creation window on the left and an inventory window on the right. The RZ button is enough to switch between weapons, but if you’re in the ship window, you can use the L and R shoulder buttons to switch between weapons, ships, upgrades to ships, and so on.  This can be confusing, especially at first startup.

Your inventory at the beginning of the game is disappointing. The way life support works is really too small. Fortunately, the material was discovered early enough and could be used to update the inventory area. Even after the initial upgrade, the inventory space is still too limited. It’s even more annoying when she tries to move from storage on her boat to storage in her inventory. If they are both full and Kara needs to trade something, she has to drop something off first to get something from storage on her ship instead of leaving her stuff in her slots to be traded.

The fight is extremely simple. A spear attack on z. B. a single animation. She’s slow and unstoppable, making Kara pretty easy to attack. Using their slingshot or bow is much easier than using a melee weapon. The sighting mechanism makes sense and when you pull the harness or bow back, the sighting mechanism tightens. Remember that guns wear out over time and eventually break. So Kara is constantly looking for new materials to make new weapons.

Boating is a peaceful, but sometimes frustrating activity when trying to reach a certain point. Kara can’t control the wind. So, if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, things can get slow as you sail through the islands to reach your final destination. One thing the game should have warned players when building a raft with a sail is to be sure and build a hull with it so the raft doesn’t turn with the wind all the time. There isn’t much music in the game unless there is sailing or fighting, but the sailing music is almost perfect when Kara is on the open sea.

The graphic style ofWindsis beautiful, with its environments and creatures shaded by cells. The colors and patterns are good, and no lag was observed during dockside play. I encountered a bug in the beginning when I opened an animation scene, the bottom half of the screen stopped rendering for about three seconds. Other than that, the game went off without a hitch. Pop-ups can be a problem, especially between chapters. Between chapters, Cara is transported to a place where there are empty murals. When it arrives, the next fresco is filled in and a story is told. Then she has to swim to the gate, which takes her down to the next chapter. A pop-up problem comes into play when coral reefs can appear out of nowhere and destroy your boat. If this is the case, you die and start the game at the beginning of the chapter, or if you are on the default difficulty, you must restart the game at the first chapter. When this happens, the load times are also very long, so I don’t hesitate to stick to the easiest difficulty.

Wind is essentially the uncertainty of who it wants to be. You want this to be a survival game? Do you want this to be a Zelda game? In some cases, he manages to successfully combine the two – but not very well. The game is beautiful in its style, and the exploration is fun, though sometimes frustrating because of the sail parts. Players who like to explore and craft will find a decent amount of things to do here, and the mystery is intriguing. Just know that the game is a little confused about what it wants to be.

Return of the wind
  • Charts – 9/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Gameplay – 6/10
  • Late complaint – 5/10


Final thoughts : GOOD PAGE

Winds attempts to combine the visuals and gameplay of Zelda with the survival genre that has become so popular over the past decade. For the most part it works, but there are some minor issues like long load times, pop-up graphics and a less than perfect user interface that prevent it from being great. There’s still a lot to see here!

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