20 Japanese Island Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

So you’ve seen all those beautiful Japanese islands and you want to create your own. But you don’t know where to start.

I’ll cover you.

New Horizons allows players to customize their islands with hundreds of items with many Japanese themes.

It’s easier than ever to create the sunrise island of your dreams.

20. cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom Bridge Area - ACNH Image source : @demelza_acnh

Is this beautiful landscape of cherry blossoms really beautiful?

Your island is not complete without trying this design.

To do this, build a rock and create a waterfall that flows into the river that runs through your island. You can see it in the middle of the screenshot above.

You can then add two brown Zen bridges, one at the top of the cliff and the other at the lower level.

Provide lots of cherry blossom elements and, of course, lots of cherry blossoms.

To complete the look, add a series of kiosks with additional bonsai trees. And, of course, don’t forget to add a pagoda.

19. rock garden

Simple Rock Garden Area - ACNH Japanese Design Image source : @lckylight

This meditation room is the perfect addition to any Japanese-style island.

It is also very easy to do.

For some floors, a custom design is sufficient. Place them in the space provided.

You can also add your own sand design and place a few different types of rocks around the area.

Be sure to add lots of bamboo objects and trees to complete the look.

Finally, add a few cedars and shrubs around the edges.

18th monument

Monument Area with Pagoda - ACNH Idea Image source : @turtlecrap3

Create this Japanese-inspired memorial and praise it every day.

You can do this by building a rock and putting a few simple panels on it.

You can then customize these panels with your own design to give them a truly Japanese themed style.

Add a row of spotlights around the room to enhance the atmosphere.

And don’t forget to add lots of pagodas at the top of the cliff and at the bottom if you like.

Surround your environment with many different plants and bonsai.

17. market

Japanese Festival Marketplace Idea - ACNH Image source : @_cheyacnh

To create this dynamic shopping area on your island, start by paving a few stone walkways.

You can add some stone curbs on either side of your driveway and fill them with custom booths. You can customize them with your favorite designs and products to sell at your market.

Don’t forget to put up lots of neon lights and poles to create a real Tokyo market atmosphere.

Finally, add lots of cherry blossom elements, and of course don’t forget the moon to accentuate the evening glow.

16. Zen Island

Zen Island Design Area in ACNH Image source @acnh_jun

Put on your kimono for a photo on this Japanese-inspired bridge.

It’s also very easy to create this Instagram-worthy spot!

Start by creating a waterfall surrounded by a bamboo forest that serves as a backdrop.

You can start by building a lake, but don’t forget to leave an island in the middle of the lake so you can connect the bridges.

Add two bridges of red shell crossing the island, and you can also add flowering shrubs.

Finally, grab the kimono and pose!

15. futuristic

Futuristic Japanese Cityscape - ACNH Idea Image source @Okiyama_island

Give your island a different look… Maybe this futuristic Japanese-style city.

You can create this amazing design by first creating a large lake on your island.

Tip: Unconventional designs are a great way to turn your paths into urban sewers.

On the other side of the lake, you can place a few simple panels customized with custom lighting.

You can use simple custom designs to create the illusion of a skyscraper and add a pagoda to the area.

Finally, add a few electricity poles to make the whole thing look like a real city atmosphere.

14. pancakes and dumplings

Pancakes and Dumplings Stalls - ACNH Image source : @VibeEyed

I live for this pancake and dumpling store!

It is the most beautiful assembly.

You can make this by putting together a few stands and customizing them with your favorite Japanese design.

The secret to pancake plates and dumpling bowls is using custom designs on the hats, and you can incorporate them right into your cabins.

You can even create your own custom menus for your store.

Complete your small commercial space by adding iron tables and chairs.

13. picnic area

Picnic Area in the Snow - ACNH Image source : @CROSSMATICS

A picnic isn’t a picnic without a Japanese-style picnic area, is it?

It is so easy to make this small space. All you have to do to get started is lay stone floors in your chosen area.

You can then add stone tables and stools so that you and your villagers have a place to eat.

Surround the area with a fence to give a sense of exclusivity.

Finally, add some bamboo objects and trees to complete the look.

12. Japanese garden

Japanese Garden Area in New Horizons Image Source: Zoe Anne Ashley

Sit back and relax in this Japanese garden!

Start by designing a custom stone path and lay it out in your garden.

You can place your garden near some rocks and waterfalls for an ultra-relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t forget to add lots of bamboo objects, as well as lots of bamboos to animate the space.

Want some nice rocks? Throw them in there!

You can round out this space with a pagoda, and your Japanese-style garden is complete!

11. School Zone

Japanese School Area in ACNH Image source: Happy Mixing

Everyone wants a Japanese-inspired school on their island…. not just me, right?

Start by building a cliff, and you can place custom plates and holders for the edge of the cliff, and then you can decorate it with one of your favorite Japanese designs.

Add a few stone steps leading to the first level, then you can add market decorations around the perimeter.

Maybe add a few gold chairs and your school comes to life.

Add a few frozen columns and arches, and you can change their colors as you like. The color red fits the theme perfectly.

Finally, you can put some bonsai and bicycles outside.

10. rock pool

Japanese Rock pool area in ACNH Image source : @acflarance

This Japanese-style neighborhood is the dream of cherry blossom lovers.

If you want to create this paradise on your own island, all you need is a few paths and bamboo.

Start by making a stone path that leads across your island. You can also fence the area with a bamboo fence.

Mark the entrance to this area with a stone arch and some hedges.

Don’t forget to add lots of cherry blossoms and tree elements to keep the theme alive.

Finally, add lots of shrubs, rocks and, of course, a rock pool.

9. small area

Small Neighborhood Street in ACNH Image source Hannah89012

You can create this Japanese-style street by placing a few simple panels with the box design. You can also customize the stands by giving them the same design to place on them.

Don’t forget to add many different types of plants!

You can also place some clotheslines outside and some utility messages to stay in the theme.

Also note the custom design of the pavement in the field. The right design can make or break your side street.

Finally, add a few boxes and the bike outside.

8. Central Tokyo

Downtown Tokyo Design in ACNH Image source : @AcnhEnoki

If you are leaning more toward the middle of Japan on your island, here is a drawing to check.

To create this city center, start by paving a few stone walkways in anticipation of intense city life.

You can also make your own street signs! All you need is your own design placed on simple signs.

Then add two cliffs on each side, then place your simple panels and a few custom cabins on top to resemble skyscrapers.

Finish the job by adding vending machines and a few poles for a Japanese city aesthetic.

7. Meditation zone

Japanese Themed Meditation Area - ACNH Image source: Ashleee_.

Who wouldn’t want their own meditation room?

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. All you need to create this space are a few shelves and simple panels.

To start, flip the shelves over to face the bottom. You can then make simple panels with your favorite Japanese-style pattern and press them onto the shelves to make them look like walls.

Then put a special wooden structure for the floor and fill the space with books and pillows. You know, to calm things down.

You can also add some plants and flowers to complete the set.

6. restaurant area

Japanese Restaurant Space in New Horizons Image source : @hanaanaru

Is your island even complete without a Japanese restaurant?

The restaurant’s outdoor space is designed with custom booths placed at the edges. You can also place your restaurant directly on the river to enjoy stunning views while you dine.

You can then decorate your restaurant by applying carpets or your own patterns to the floors, as you see above.

Provide tables and floor cushions as seating.

Put herbs on the tables and place cherry blossom lights in front of your restaurant.

5. urban landscape

Three Tier Pagoda Section in ACNH Image source : @foolyorcooly

If your island is a mix of city and forest, you’ll love this look.

Make them yourself by building a piece of rock in your favorite spot. You can then add a few waterfalls that flow over the rocks (if you like pretty things).

Add stone steps leading to the upper floor, and decorate each of the rock ledges with numerous lanterns.

Complete the picture with a pagoda that overlooks the entire island.

4. Port of Japan

Japanese Cherry Blossom Area in ACNH Image source : @dummyunknown404

This simple design can turn any room into a Japanese oasis in an instant.

It is perfect for small areas of your island for an instant transformation.

Just a bouquet of cherry blossom elements scattered throughout the place.

You can also add a custom cherry blossom pattern for the street to go with the theme. This is probably the coolest part!

And to complete the look, wear a kimono around town. Trust me, it will look great!

3. Zen Bridge

Bridge Area at Night - ACNH Japanese Style Image source @Fur_Island_ACNH

Even Celeste is excited about this Japanese island bridge.

It’s such a simple design, but it’s great!

To create this zone, dig a river that runs across your island. You can then put a zen bridge across it to stay in theme.

Decorate both sides of the river with lanterns, bamboo objects and perhaps a gong.

Don’t forget to plant other flowers nearby as well.

And maybe help Mother Earth by planting lots of bamboo.

2. Japanese forest

Forest Area Japanese-style - ACNH Image source No storms

Begin your Japanese island experience with this living forest area.

I love this drawing with waterfalls and pagodas in the background. If you want to try this look for yourself, read how here.

Make sure you have enough cedar and bamboo. You can also add lots of stones.

Provide lots of flowering shrubs and red flowers.

Also add some butterfly patterns. How to do it.

If you give Flick three of these beetles when he visits your island, he will send you back a model of the one you ordered.

1. Japanese temple

Japanese Temple Emperor Area - ACNH Image source: must_we_cross principle

This has to be my favorite Japanese-themed area, which almost looks like a temple.

It is truly an impressive asset to any island.

Most of this design consists of simple panels that can be customized with easy-to-create patterns; you can layer them on different levels to create a complete temple.

Don’t forget to use lots of cherry blossoms in this theme as well.

You can also add a few candles to give it a soothing glow. Maybe some large lanterns, a Japanese-style fence and, of course, a large statue with a stone head.

And now we have our own benevolent Japanese island god.

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