7 Web Development Trends For 2021 You Should Know

Are you ready to be a pioneer in your niche in 2021? Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer to the industry, it’s important for your business to stay on top of the latest web development trends and technologies. After all, you don’t want your opponent to win by risking your obsolescence.

In this article, White Peak Digital describes the key trends in web development for 2021 and beyond that will catapult you into a better future.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and implementation of machine learning

Over the years, artificial intelligence has become increasingly embedded in our digital lives. Thanks to this trend, YouTube can now use NLP to automatically create subtitles for videos and Google Analytics can use ML to analyze user behavior. By 2021, AI is expected to automate more business processes and free up your human resources. The advent of more artificial intelligence-based analytics tools will also pave the way for more effective marketing campaigns and faster adoption processes.

Progressive web applications (PWA)

Like AI, PWAs are not new to web development, but their influence will continue to grow in 2021. As mobile usage increases, brands will continue to use PWAs to enhance their websites. If you are considering upgrading your desktop web application for a better customer experience, you can create your website as a conditional access application instead of developing two separate applications.

Voice search

The use of PDAs and smart speakers will explode in 2021, impacting the way everyone interacts with search engines. Schematic layout and structured data will be especially important in web development, as they ensure that search engines can fully understand the products and services you offer. The rise of this trend means that business owners like you, as well as developers and marketers, need to adapt to new ways of working.

No code and weak code

This trend in web development has made our lives much easier, but not as much as it would have in 2021. This year, take advantage of these tools to streamline your operations and reduce your workload. You can also equip your small technical staff with code-free tools to help them manage their tasks without overburdening your IT department.

Cloud Computing

Thanks to cloud computing, telecommuting has grown at a rapid pace. By 2021, this trend will continue, reaching $306.9 billion. This year, several companies have announced that they are moving to remote computing, and new developments in cloud computing are definitely a must if you want your business to keep pace.

Motion Surface Design

When it comes to making your website aesthetically pleasing, we can’t stress enough the importance of a mobile interface to create an intuitive interface that guides your website users, tells them what to do, and leads them to where they need to focus on on your site. This trend involves the use of visual cues and ensures that your website provides a smooth and enjoyable user experience.


In 2020, a number of major software companies were hit by cyber attacks, with the number of attacks doubling every quarter. It’s no surprise that cybersecurity is a trend in web development this year. While more and more companies have gone online due to recent cyber attacks, others have revealed that they plan to invest more in cyber security in 2021. Since these are critical times, it is imperative that you and your customer data is protected at all times!


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