Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Corpse Feeders legendary hunt guide

Once you have built a hunting lodge in Ravensthorpe, you can start hunting the legendary animals of Saxon England. In the first three that you unlock, you’ll find the corpse eaters. This mean pack of wolves is not to be taken lightly, so here we show you where and how to get them.

Where are the body foods?

You’ll find the Corpse Feeders in Oxenfordshire, northeast of Buckingham. You will discover a fortified area with houses full of corpses. Then the cut will be made and you will fight for your life.

Guidance on registration of feed

This fight isn’t a joke. As soon as the scenario opens, three giant wolves charge you. If you don’t get out of their way, they’ll probably take Avor by the head and approach him to kill him.

You have to kill all three wolves to win the battle, and each of them has a different health bar. Although they all fight like the other wolves in the game, there are subtle differences in each of them that make them unique.

The best tactic we could come up with was to climb one of the neighboring buildings. Only two wolves can fight you here.

Soft wolf

Hwyth Wolf is the white wolf and the one who jumps on the roof first to fight you. It is fast and agile and can put you where others will hit you if you are not careful. To eliminate it, concentrate on a few light attacks after it’s jumped. Make sure you dodge before he attacks, because he can catch you with a killer combo.

You can shoot arrows at the weak points of Hvit Wolf to carry out an electric shock attack. This damages about a fifth of his health bar. This is the most intense encounter of the legendary hunt. Continue evading Wolf’s attacks and attack if an opening occurs.

If you need some space to heal, you can jump and run to another structure. Sit on the roof if you need to reload and orient yourself. You can pick up arrows from bodies on the ground along the way if you need them. Save some for the end of the fight.

Non Wulf

As soon as you kill Hwyth Wolf, Niht Wolf will jump on the roof and attack almost immediately. There will be no delay, so stay put. It’s a big black wolf. It’s also the most cruel group. His specialty is catching Avor’s head in his mouth and kicking you on the head. If this happens, press the light attack button as soon as possible to avoid causing too much damage.

Tactics with non-wolves are similar to those of Hvit-wolves. Shoot arrows at his weak points to get a strong stun attack, dodge his attacks and make a few strokes if you can.

This wolf is the most unpredictable. Where Hwyth Wolf was agile enough to throw himself at you from time to time, Niht Wolf will always be on the right track. If you can dodge a last-second attack to slow down time, do it. This is the perfect time to launch some much-needed massive attacks.

In a fight with this wolf, you’ll probably have to move the roofs. So it is much larger and takes up more available flight space. Be careful where you dodge so you don’t fall to the ground, and you need to get it off the ground fast enough.

Eald Wolfe

The last wolf in this trio is Elsewhere Wolf. This is the great Wolf, who is the only one in Switzerland who has been here for so long, but has not been able to do anything about it. Due to its size, it is however limited to the soil. You’re not going to jump on the bandwagon to get in.

If you have a good reason, you can vote with your voice, but you won’t have a good time, because if you do, you’ll have to pay for it, and you’ll be able to be there when you need it. You will encounter as many of his faults as possible with the remaining parts of your body. We opened the payment gap before we even touched upon the soil. You’ll feel a lot safer because of that.

In particular, if we have a wolf on our hands, we find that it is acting on behalf of a bear. His visits are long and will be very much favoured. If you see an Angriff, get out of the way. If the sample you take, there is a good chance that it will do so.

It’s the best time to pick up the arrows from the dead bodies lying around. If you can keep some distance between you and Old Wolf, you can nail him to the head with bullets that do more damage than if they had landed elsewhere.

But don’t go too far away from the monster. If there is a gap between you, the wolf will attack you with an incredibly powerful attack. This will really be the end of Avor’s life.


As with all legendary hunting, you get a kind of trophy for killing corpse-eaters. You can take him to the longhouse, but first you have to take him back to the hunter’s hut. Your reward for handing over is a tattoo (weapons) from the Skratii Association.

Take those guys off your list and go to the next mighty creature that scares the Saxons all over England.

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