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Boreal Blade is a surprise release from the developers at Frozenbyte, creators of the excellent Trine series. The game focuses on combat, with four different fighting styles and hundreds of weapons to choose from. You play online against other players, either for free in all competitions or in one of the team game modes. Since it’s only an online game, it would really have to make an impact to justify the $20 price.

The game is heavily combat oriented, and in a way it’s really well done. The fight is not easy, especially since nothing comes back to the default position. When you put your sword down, you have to put it back manually. Weighted Combat Controls work both as a challenge against your opponents, as a bad move leaves you wide open to their attacks. Your sword can also slice and bounce on the field and other objects, adding an extra level of strategy to the death game.

The sword is not the only form of combat in this game. There are one- and two-handed swords and a combination of sword and shield, but you can also use sticks and spears and your own bare hands. Each weapon has its own advantages, and each is useful in its particular environment. The gameplay lends itself well to your creativity, and if you invest some time, you can find many interesting tricks. Sure, this game will intimidate newcomers with its combat system, but the freedom of play style will give players a better chance of finding something they like.

Besides the fighting, this game also has great qualities in the details. All environments are different, and each environment has a direct impact on how games are played. On a map, the terrain consists of z. B. three cliffs with very narrow bridges connecting them. You might want to bring a different size gun so you don’t touch the edges. This can have a cascading effect on your strategies in this scene. As you progress, you can also unlock new weapons and clothing options. It gives a great sense of progress and rewards you with skills and cosmetics.

With so many things done right, you’d think this game would be a must-see experience. Unfortunately, the network infrastructure game is completely out of control, with what appears to be serious problems with the network code. Although I usually didn’t have a problem with the other players, I found that I was often excluded from matches during the game. This is completely unacceptable in a game that lives or dies on its online functionality. Every time I got a kick, I had to wait a few minutes to try to get back into another match, and on top of that, I lost all the experience I had gained in that fight. Putting salt in the wound, you say! Even when I was able to keep in touch, I found that some games suffered from terrible lag that directly affected the results. To say the internet is a mess is an understatement.

Online unlocks might not have been so bad if Boreal Blade had a single-player mode. Since the battles are so good, I’m shocked they didn’t make standalone modes for the game. Maybe the cost and work involved in creating capable AI opponents was just too much, but when a game costs $20 and relies on a stable online connection, it’s best to understand the ins and outs before launching it. Fortunately, there is a demo version of the game that you can download for free and it will give you almost the same experience as the full game, minus the updates and unlocks. I highly recommend that you try it out and do a few tricks to see if the online connection problems are fixed before you spend $20. It’s a real kick in the balls to spend money on a game that has serious technical problems. Let’s hope they get fixed soon!

Boreal Blade Review
  • Charts – 5/10
  • Sound – 5.5/10
  • Gameplay – 9/10
  • Late complaint – 4/10


Final thoughts : MEDIOCR

Boreal Blade is the reference in the battle, and has some nice ideas, but they are overshadowed by a poor internet connection. The lack of a single-player mode means that the game is entirely dependent on servers, and unfortunately the constant lag and bouncing of matches detracts from the overall experience. Download the demo first to see if the online issues are resolved before purchasing the full version.

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