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The fantasy zone is weird. I mean that in a good way, of course. The game revolves around the strange spaceship Grandpa (with his brother Grandpa), who is fighting to save the fantasy land from a rather charming and extremely colorful evil scourge. This is one of the first examples of shooting typical side-scrolling shooters and spicing them up with a more humorous theme and pastel colors. Later games like Parodius and TwinBee borrowed a lot from this model.

Each level is littered with enemy production bases that you must destroy to gain access to the level boss. The screen rolls back and forth, allowing you to hunt and destroy bases. In a way, the game is reminiscent of Defender, where you have total control over the direction you scroll the screen. The game is simple, but complex. You roam the surface of the planet, defeating enemy ships, destroying bases and collecting money to buy upgrades. Once all the bases are destroyed, the colorful boss challenges the intrepid spaceship to dominate the sci-fi zone itself.

The graphics are beautifully rendered with a subtle cartoon quality to them, referencing the anime style similar to the cute games of the genre. Enemy ships have strange shapes like flying arms, big noses, green scissor creatures and some of the strangest aliens this side of the Andromeda galaxy.

The sound effects are a bit dull, while the music maintains the same cartoon quality as the graphics/animations. The music is catchy, with a characteristic Sega-arcade style.

All modes offer smooth character movement and intuitive control of your ship’s two weapons (beam and bomb). The power supplies range from wave transmitters to lasers. Bombs are useful for destroying bases from above, but you’re more likely to use beams.

There are several modes included in the game. Classic mode offers you a complete arcade experience. You collect gold from defeated enemies and can use it to buy speed and weapon bonuses. After a certain amount of time, the weapon runs out and must be repurchased. Developing a strategy for choosing the weapon to use in each stage is a good challenge, and it’s fun to experiment with different combinations of weapons, speed accessories, and levels.

The temporal attack mode is essentially the same, but you are now trying to win as fast as possible. The quick start control is the most important part of this mode and offers a unique experience in the main game.

Upa-Upa mode is unique in that you can use any weapon at any time, as long as you have gold. Gold is obtained by destroying certain enemies, so this mode encourages you to blow up as many creatures as possible. The playback controls are also slightly different in this mode.

The Fantasy Zone can be tricky at times, especially when there are hordes of enemies coming at you or when a boss launches a maelstrom of projectiles that you can’t effectively dodge. However, it never becomes overwhelming and maintains a certain level of enjoyment at every stage. With alternate modes and addictive gameplay, this game from the Sega Ages series offers hours of fun and superior replayability.

Colorful and stunningly beautiful, this version of the game features some of the best graphics in the Sega Ages collection to date. Whether the game is new to you or you grew up with it, Fantasy Zone continues the tradition of Sega Ages: Additional modes, extra values and subtle remastering ensure that players of all ages can enjoy a modern retro experience.

Sega Era Fantasy Zone Review
  • Charts – 8.5/10
  • Sound – 8.5/10
  • Gameplay – 8/10
  • Last call – 9/10


Final thoughts : GRAND

Fantasy Zone is based on a shoot ’em up game with some cool twists that make it a game you want to come back to again and again.

David Buck is an author, musician and media specialist. In his spare time he composes music, writes science fiction and builds model cars, mainly spaceships and movie cars.


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