I’ve just beat Last Autumn and I was surprisingly good (or it was surprisingly easy)?

So I played free scenarios last week. After I played through Winterhome (by far the hardest for me), I bought a season pass and played through the entire fall, just yesterday.

I was hoping it would be at least as difficult as Winter House from what I saw in the reviews, but it seemed much easier? But don’t take it as an insult to the script. I loved it! I’m not one of those players who complains about the difficulty (if I do, I complain that it’s too hard, lol). I was proud of myself this time, because it’s probably the result of what I learned from playing free-form scenarios. IN TL;DR : High motivation bonus from the beginning until the generator is almost finished. Ten days ahead of schedule. He decided to eliminate the militia despite the reduced motivation, and had enough resources to survive 7d12h without any real effort. Two deaths, both incidental. At the first breakthrough.

Was last fall difficult for you?

Long and detailed moments of my game:

  1. My motivation was great from the start, with the chapel, and I progressed quite quickly in the quest (I only got one warning for working too long in the studios (and I accepted the request), whereas in the new house I had many more).
  2. I was always four or five days early. In the 3rd, I realized that through the user interface you can see what resources are needed for the next steps. When May 4 came, I was ready. When the 4th finished at 60%, I remembered the boost effect those steam changers gave me, I used it once, and the game said I had 10 more days than I expected.
  3. But the most interesting part of my breakthrough was that I had to deal with a huge drop in my motivation (which I could never get high enough again) due to moral conviction. I drafted the militia and discovered that they would not be as peaceful as I had imagined. They killed an engineer (I assumed the hanged engineer found dead that morning was by their doing, although I now remember it was probably just to revoke privileges…). It was also my first death during the crossing (I was upset, thinking I could finally make the crossing without dying). They also argued about whether to kill all the engineers or have me sign the TERROR Act. So I accepted the demand of the law, but I did not follow it. Instead, I closed the police building and removed all employees (because it can’t be dismantled). By the time I did, my motivation had dropped below the 30% bonus (it’s a good thing I didn’t have to be above 30%, the militia was only active for 3 days I think). I’ve never reached this level. He almost reached the premium, but did not exceed it until the end.
  4. So to survive until the icebreaker came, I had ALL I needed to survive in 7d12h. All I did was build lots of workshops so everyone could work freely in the 3 generator upgrades. And that’s it. At the end of the game, I turned off all the buildings in operation and fast-forwarded to the end of the game, pausing only to set up the fire pits and infirmary when the temperature dropped. By the day the icebreakers arrived, food rations had been reduced to zero.

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Post I just beat Last Autumn and it was surprisingly good (or was it surprisingly easy) ? for some of Frostpunk.

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