Nightwave: Intermission III: Update 29.7.0


Night Wave: Interim III


We interrupt your normal programming to bring you Night Wave: Range 3!

Intermission III brings new songs, previous Night Wave awards including 2 Umbra Forma, and new popular flakes in Cred Offers!

Niguel’s book

Nihil is arrested, but he is still a threat … just like the owner of one gun. Players have asked how they can repeat their fight against Nihil and acquire Vitritza in the future – and the answer is that it will all come back. Stay tuned for the final plans!





Kill 20 enemies while driving the K-Drive.

Resuscitation device

Find and check the Nekrameh that fell on Deimos.

Old Obelisk

Activate the Requiem Obelisk on Deimos.



Hunting in the vault

Paying an insulation premium

Feeding the beast

Feeding helminths from all sources


Kill 100 enemies with Nekramekh.



Cold steel

Kill 1,000 enemies on the Iron Road.

Resource Collector

Collect 20 different types of sources

The road less travelled

The 5 complete missions on the steel route


The Invasion rewards are sometimes a repeat of previous Nightwave series, and while new players may be excited to get some of these new additions, we’d like to add a way to always make it a reward for returning dreamers! We do this by awarding 50 night credits instead of the item we used to own. These are not items like Warframe slots or consumables (like Forma), but custom and unique items like the previous Nightwave Cosmetic.

General Changes :

  • The Lavos Cordatus, Mag Gauss, Protea Mavv, Protea Telema and Xaku Kintsu Helm plans have been added to the Nightwave Shop rotation.

It’s no secret that The Night Wave: The glassblower took much longer than we had hoped. As mentioned in

, it will be much easier to continue the story of the New War and beyond into the next part of Night Wave.


  • Fixed a bug in the Railjack navigation map where the drag and drop feature was not enabled when the dialog appeared, resulting in strange camera movements.
  • Various equipment sounds with increasing volume resolved when equipping a Warframe Exalted weapon.
  • The corrected dagger scale of the Baruuk desert hands sounds more and more frequent over time.
  • The loud sound of the theralizer when spawning is too loud.
  • Correction of all joystick references for Fr/Es/Tr localization.

This action was performed automatically, if you see any errors, please mark
/u/desmaraisp, this will correct them. here is my github

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Post Nightwave: Meantime III : Warframe 29.7.0 updated.

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