Jet Kave Adventure – A Brilliant and Fun Action Platformer

The adventure of the Jet Cave

Jet Kave Adventure is a 7Level action platform game that’s been on the Nintendo Switch for a while now, but I’ve never been able to play it until now. Jet Kave Adventure is now expanding its platforms to Steam and Xbox One. Jet Kave Adventure brings back memories of classic platform games that offered platformers beautiful environments and fun fighting mechanics with low tension. Here’s our review of the Jet Kave adventure on Xbox Series X, in which we take a jetpack tour of the prehistoric landscape.

Jet Kave Adventure is a narrative title that follows the story, but instead of a campaign, the story is divided into several short levels. These levels are brilliantly designed and feature some really cool artwork. The game follows the story of Kawa, who was once the leader of his tribe of cavemen. At the beginning of the game, Kave is exiled from his tribe, and shortly thereafter an alien crashes on the planet and heads for a volcanic island. After exchanging items thrown by the alien, Kave finds a jetpack and so begins the story where Kave also starts going to the volcano.

The adventure of the Jet Cave

Each level of the game is part of the main story and starts at the same place or point where the previous level ends. After completing a level, you unlock three challenges for that level, including a timed challenge, a shell challenge and a no damage challenge. They can be completed at any time after the end of a level and do not affect the progress of the story. Each level takes about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your platform skills.

Each level of the game is brilliantly designed and looks beautiful. Since the game is set in prehistoric times, the enemies are dinosaurs, large insects and even giant animals from that time. In addition to traditional platform play, you’ll have to dodge obstacles, jump ledges, fight mini-bots, complete mini-games, and even epic car chases. The chase in the game was one of my favorite aspects, but the glider parts were my less favorite aspect, as the glider controls are rather clunky and could have been much better.

Jet Kave Adventure also has an upgrade store where you can get various upgrades by spending the shells you have collected in the game. These upgrades range from improving your health to increasing the number of bricks you can keep in your inventory for catapulting. The upgrades will be useful in the latter stages of the game when you face tougher enemies. The cost is not too absurd, so you can easily improve even if you are not looking for shells in all the hidden corners of the level. To regain health, food must be randomly collected to fill drumsticks, which can then be consumed to regain health.

Jet Kave Adventure is played like any other classic side-scrolling platform game, but the mechanics are fresh. When moving and jumping to reach platforms, grab edges, and avoid obstacles, the jetpack is useful for several reasons. Fighting and movement work exceptionally well together, and I can’t recall a single instance where a character didn’t react the way I wanted them to. Jumping, running and taking out enemies at the same time is just fluid and it doesn’t hurt either. In several scenarios, even I have been amazed at the flexibility of the game’s mechanisms that allow it to keep playing.

The adventure of the Jet Cave

Sometimes I avoided ground platforms entirely and used Dash, Jump and Jetpack to avoid obstacles or reach a potentially high platform to find hidden coins. Each level has several hidden places for you to find and some cool collectibles to find and collect as well. In addition to these collectibles, the shells of the game’s main currency are sometimes hidden in higher places or in secret rooms, which can only be found using all the mechanisms available in the game. This is one of the main things I like about Jet Cave Adventure. As you progress through the game, you also get a cool slingshot that you can use to shoot at enemies, but it can only be fired in one direction, which isn’t very useful in some cases.

This particular version of Jet Kave Adventure is for the original Xbox One, but I played the game on the Xbox Series X in this review. No technical problems occurred throughout the game. Loading times were correct, and the wait between screens wasn’t too long either. However, it didn’t support Xbox Series X extras like Quick Resume, but that’s understandable since it’s not an optimized X series title. It’s just an Xbox One game that I reviewed on the X series, so I’m not including that in my review. The game itself is extremely stable on the platform and works better than some AAA games on the market.

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Jet Kave Adventure offers an approachable platform game experience that’s challenging enough, but not so much that you have to keep cursing at the screen. The gameplay is fast, accurate and fun. I loved both the level design and the enemy design. It’s a great return to the classic side-scrolling platform, with enough modern mechanics here and there to make it look fresh and not at all old-fashioned. If you’re a fan of classic platform games with simple but enjoyable controls and fast-paced gameplay, Jet Kave Adventure will keep you on your toes with its precise gameplay and brilliant level design.

Overall score: 9,0/10

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