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Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most challenging titles in recent franchise history. To beat FF13, not to mention the extra content, you need more than luck.

To master the game, you need to learn props and build your characters so you can use their skills effectively.

As you overcome challenges and progress, you’ll need to look for better accessories.

Let’s take a look at some of the best outfits (and how to get them).

15. Magus Bracelet

Magus Final Fantasy 13 Bracelet

Devastating magical attacks are a common cause of death for our deadly heroes, so anything that can give you some magical stamina is a must.

The wizard’s bracelet is the bracelet that offers the greatest magic resistance in the game, countering 20-30% of the damage caused by magic attacks.

It is also part of the Magic Defense Synth group that protects you from magical attacks.

Where did you get that? This item is obtained by upgrading the witch’s bracelet to the maximum and then using adamantite as a catalyst.

14. Champion belt

FFXIII Champion Belt

Just as the Magus bracelet protects you from magic, the Champion belt protects you from physical blows.

It is the ultimate form of black belt, providing 20-30% resistance to physical damage.

You can get even more physical resistance if you combine it with other synthetic elements from the Physical Protection Group, like the Moral Talisman.

Where did you get that? The best way to get the championship belt is to improve the overall belt and then use the Adamantite as a catalyst.

13. Hermès sandals

Hermès sandals by FF13

Immunity to harm is not all that the great warriors of the Cie have to offer.

Speed is also essential – and by speed I mean the speed at which your ATV fills up.

Hermes sandals can help you by making the wearer believe in haste when his health deteriorates. This gives the character a small window to return to situations where he would otherwise be condemned.

This product belongs to the Boost Synth group, which offers up to 30% higher ATB charging speed.

Where did you get that? You will receive these sandals as a reward for defeating Zenobia, the Slayer – one of the Immortals – in the 34th level. Sieta’s mission. You can begin your journey on the Path of the Ancients, and Zenobia is located in Hari Archaeopolis.

12. Background – First

Backbone Final Fantasy 13

Speed and defense don’t help if your characters can’t do enough damage.

A magic ridge can help mages like Vanilla and Lightning significantly, as it increases their magic status by 200 to 300 points.

Equip four of them and equip them with a special weapon to activate the Ultimate Magic Synthesizer’s dampening ability.

So your characters are immune to magical damage, but at the cost of not being healed by spells.

Remember that only Snow and Fang have the necessary weapons, so only these two characters benefit from Magic Damper.

Where did you get that? The spine is the ultimate form of all magical objects, such as. For example, the sign of the wizard or the owl glyph. To renew the Glyph of Virgins, you need the Dark Matter Catalyst, a rare drop of Shao Long.

11. Kaiser steering gear

Kaiserhaxe FFXIII

Not surprisingly, there is an equivalent for melee fighters.

The Emperor’s Fist increases your character’s power by up to 300 points.

Four of them and certain weapons from Hope and Fang are required to activate the Ultimate Physics synthesizer group, making the equipped character immune to all physical damage.

Where did you get that? Emperor’s Point is the highest rank among the elements that increase power. You achieve this by upgrading your Power Glove with dark matter as a catalyst.

10. Stiletto heels

FF13's Nimbletos boots

Any competent guard knows how to keep his Nimbleto boots on hand.

These smart boots have the enhanced Dodge ability, which increases the chance of success in Sentinel’s Escape by 10%. Don’t touch that!

It also belongs to the group of boost synthesizers. When carried with other similar devices, it increases the charging speed of your ATV computer.

Where did you get that? These boots are a rare drop from the enemies of Edimmu and Penangalan. They can also be purchased from Moogleworks in section 11. You can also enhance your Aurora scarf with a cobalt catalyst.

9. Sprint shoes

Sprint shoes - last fantasy 13

At the end of the game, a faster recharge of the ATB meter is essential. Sprint shoes can be very useful, as they automatically cause the rush at the start of the fight and speed up the charging of the ATB meter by 50%.

This is important for gaining a five-star rating in battles, which increases your TP wins and your chances of rare victories.

Like our previous entry, Sprint shoes are part of the Boost Synth group, which can further increase ATB charging speed.

Where did you get that? You can obtain these boots by disassembling a tetradic crown or an enhanced tiara, or by upgrading Hermes sandals with perovskite as a catalyst.

8. Blessed Charm

Blessed Talisman FFXIII Screenshot

Another accessory that captivates you in the beginning of the battle is the Blessed Talisman. This is the Faith spell, which increases the total magic damage by 40%.

While his effect is focused on attack, he is part of the Magic Defense synthesizer group. The Magic Wall synthesis ability also makes your characters much more resistant to magic damage.

Where did you get that? This point is dropped by striker Kalawinka on Palamecia if you beat him for the second time.

7. Moral Talisman

Moral of the Talisman Final Fantasy 13

I recommend the Moral Talisman to characters who spend more time hitting monsters on the head with sticks than casting spells.

This mystical accessory gives your character courage and increases his fighting power by 40%.

Not only does the Moral Talisman make most fights faster, but it can be equipped with other Physical Defense pieces to activate the Physical Wall.

This makes your characters look more like a tank and reduces the damage they can take.

Where did you get that? The Moral Talisman is an improved version of the Amulet of Heroes, obtained by using Perovskite as a catalyst.

6. Catalogue

FF13 Connoisseur's catalogue

Not all items are meant to make you better in combat. Some will help you line your pockets.

The Connoisseur Catalogue contains the bonus for object collectors, a must for those looking for rare catalysts such as trapezoids and dark matter.

Collector makes the drops 10% more rare. Be careful not to confuse it with Item Scavenger, which makes regular drops 50% more likely.

Where did you get that? Instead of searching or buying, turn the collector’s catalog into your own connoisseur’s catalog by updating it and then climbing it with the Mnar stone.

5. wind pipe scarf

Whistle scarf from Final Fantasy 13

A whistling wind scarf gives your party an edge by giving you a full segment of the ATV counter at the start of the fight.

It also belongs to the group of boost synthesizers, which can increase the ATB charging rate.

This scarf will become increasingly important as the game progresses, as will the benefits of the synth boost band.

Where did you get that? There are many ways to get a pipe wind scarf. You can buy it on the starboard weather deck in Palamecia or in Padrai Acheopolis in the Jaszczas massif. You can also get it from Moogleworks, starting in Chapter 10, or as drops in Edimmu or Penangalan.

4. Kweekei

The egg will grow from 13 FF

Before you micro-manage your accessories, focus on alignment and nothing will help you more than the growth egg.

This item, called Egg EXP in other Final Fantasy games, doubles the HP income of your entire group per battle and cuts the time it takes to level up in half.

Where did you get that? Get it as a reward for defeating a thug in the Aggra meadow to complete the mission of Siet 55 in Chapter 11. You find a stone to start a mission around the desert school in Oerba.

3. Wing speed

Sash FFXIII screen recording frequency

Speed Sash is as valuable for its primary capabilities as it is for the group of synthesizers to which it belongs.

Not only does it charge your ATB unit when you take out an enemy, but a group of Gestalt synthesizers gives you a chance to work randomly: Switch immediately.

Equip yourself with this post and at least two other gestalt posts, and you can randomly stagger your opponents from time to time.

Where did you get that? You can get it at East Tors in Archylte Steppe or at Moogleworks from Ch. 11. You can also get it as a reward for completing missions 21, 43 and 58.

2. Aurora scarf

Last Fantasy Aurora Scarf 13

The Aurora Scarf gives you a full meter of ATB at the start of the fight, allowing you to take control of the situation quickly and decisively.

It is also part of the Boost group of synthesizers, which will help you to win quickly by charging your ATB device faster.

Where did you get that? The Aurora scarf can only be obtained by upgrading the Whistling Wind scarf and using rhodochrosite as a conversion catalyst.

1. Genji glove

Screenshot of the Genji FFXIII glove

Most FF13 damage is limited to 99,999 for balance reasons.

But there is one thing you can do to rebel against this arbitrary damage cap.

The Genji Gauntlet has been around since the original Final Fantasy. And in FFXIII, it will allow an equipped character to easily hover over the damage cap.

It’s a must for post-game content. And it will help you achieve the ultimate damage control / trophy.

Where did you get that? This amazing object is given as a reward for completing missions 51, 62 and 63.

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