The Forest – Beginner’s Co-op Survival Guide

This manual covers the details and specifics of cooperation in the forestry sector. If you want to discover the wildlife in the forest, this guide will definitely help you.

Guide to forestry cooperation

What is the correct way to expand?

To survive in this game, the most important thing is to build a camp. In solo, you have to do 3 things in a row. The first is the design of the camp. The second is cutting down trees. And the third is the construction itself.

To speed things up with your friend, divide him into two jobs. One of you has to design what you want to build. The other should start felling trees immediately. When a tree falls, the person who designed the camp must take it to the projects and slowly rebuild it. When you’ve found enough wood, pick it up.

Where is the best place to set up camp?

For example, it’s a bad decision for development. For example, near an ogre camp or in a place where the food and trees are poor. Try to separate and find a place that suits you both. The best location is one that is moderately forested and provides access to water and food.

How do I build a camp and what should I do first?

First, draw the picture of the wall. Depending on the length of land you are in, build the right number of walls and their length. It is preferable to make a door with a lock and windows in the walls, so you can observe the surroundings of the warehouse. Then build an access house to save the game and go to sleep.

I recommend building a log cabin (the biggest one). You also need to build protection bullets. Place their designs on your walls. This gives you great protection and you don’t have to constantly change. It’s a good idea to kill a few ogres and build a totem pole. Place it by the door and on the edge of the walls. Actions are also important. Create a design for a meat dryer.

Thanks to him, it won’t break and you can still eat it. Also build weapon racks and containers for rocks and sticks. Fire is also important, it gives you light and gives you a good view.

Where can I find better weapons and how can I improve them?

One of the best weapons is the katana. To do this, go to the top of the plane and follow a continuous line from the front. There is a cave with three paths. Left, right and centre. Go left. There, after switching gears a few times, you’ll find a katana. Lance. A weapon that wastes no energy and is very fast. You can find them near small ponds.

To improve it, you need 5 cubes and a rope. You can get cannibals by burning them over a campfire, for example. Throw it. We improve the modern axe and the common axe with tree sap and other things. The feathers give you attack speed, but take away their power. Cannibal teeth give you attack power, but take away speed.

To improve your axe, make one and add wood sap and (depending on your choice) teeth or feathers. An onion must also be made. This is done in the following way. They put a stick, a cloth and a rope to make. You need arrows for your bow. To make them, you need 5 feathers and a stick. Molotov cocktails will also be available.

All you need is a bottle and some rags. To light the lighter, simply hold down the button responsible for the lighter. A flare is also used for shooting. He sets fire to his enemies, but wastes as much as the lightning says in his name. You can find such caves in several caves or scattered all over the island.

What is the right way to fight?

Wrestling also has its share. I recommend fighting with cocktails. First you have to launch the enemy one by one, and then hit him with a small weapon. Hammers cause an afterburner effect that prevents enemies from harming you if they take damage over time.

A good strategy is also to climb to the highest point and shoot the enemy with a bow or an emergency rifle. If there are more enemies, try to launch a Molotov so that it fires at least 25% of them.

Shielding (shock protection)

If you want to protect yourself from ogres, you must wear armor (skin). You can get it from lizards and crocodiles. Lizards give 1 armor and crocodiles give 5. You can upgrade your armor. To do this, add a shield and a dozen blades to the ship. It will give you more protection. You can also make a jar out of bones. Add 6 cubes and 2 tissues. It offers you a high level of protection.

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