Yellow Item Genshin Impact: How to Get Yellow Item Photo? Five Flushes of Fortune

On the fifth day, you have to find the yellow Genshin Impact item because you have to take pictures of the yellow item. We have complete information about the task on Day 5 and we will share all the places where you can easily find the yellow Genshin Impact item.

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the five flush of fortune is currently taking place at the Genshin Impact, and this is day five. Today you must find yellow objects in Genshin Impact, and you must find at least 10 of them. Then you must take pictures of those objects and bring them back to Ji Tong.

but to get photos of the yellow objects in Genshin Impact, you need to know the location of those objects. We have listed below all the locations where you can easily find all the yellow objects that qualify for the photo that will be taken with the Kurious camera.

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miHOYO opened the fifth day of competition for Genshin Impact players. In this competition, you must take a picture of 10 yellow objects. For the Five Flush of Fortune game, you have to take pictures of yellow objects that will give you one of the 5 color cards needed for luck. And with Fortune Trove you can get prizes, mystical ore upgrades and a little mora as rewards.

There are many yellow objects in Genshin Impact that you can photograph, but the fact is that the object must be eligible for the photograph, and if the object is not eligible for the photograph, Kuriou’s camera will not take the photograph, so you must first know that there are certain objects that are eligible for the photograph that Kuriou’s camera will take.

Here are the elements that would qualify for photography (press the yellow Genshin element) :

  • Yellow berries
  • Dragon Flower

So the yellow berries in Genshin Impact is an object that qualifies as a yellow berry, and if you can find 10 yellow berries, then you can easily accomplish this task, but if you do not know where to find these berries, we have shared all the locations of yellow berries below.

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The second item identified as yellow in Genshin Impact is the flowers of the snapdragon. These flowers are used as ingredients for cooking recipes or ascension characters, you can find the locations below.

Below are all the locations of the collision of the yellow Genshin object.

Yellow Dot Genshin Impact Site

The first element is the berries, which are considered yellow in Genshin Impact. If you find 10 of them, you can easily complete this task. You can find these berries in the wilderness areas of Liyue and Moon City. There are 3 berries on each of the berry plants, so you can easily collect 3 photos of each berry plant. We have listed below some places with photos where you can find these berries.

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Yellow dot “Hit on Genshin”: at the dawn of the cellar

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On this mark, you will find 2 bays.

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south of the twilight wine cellar

If you can’t find berry plants, don’t worry, you have another option that can be called a yellow element: snapdragon flowers. These flowers are highly visible on shorelines and other bodies of water. We have some pictures below of the southern swamp of Dihua, where about fifteen dragons can be found. You can also teleport to the crossing to take pictures of the sea dragon.

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Other objects also meet the yellow criteria of Genshin Impact, such as Sweet Flower, Mushrooms and Cor lapis. It is not easy to find these objects, so we have not indicated their location.

After you receive the ten photos, teleport to Liyue Harbor and talk to Ji Tong to trade the photos for the Fortune Trove.

So the question was where did the yellow object collide with Genshin?

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I hope you enjoy our approach to Genshin’s Yellow Object Influence: How to take a picture of a yellow object. 5 Tides of Happiness.

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