How to fix mouse jumps on Windows 10

In this article we will therefore look at some simple ways to solve this problem.

How can I quickly solve my mouse bounce problems?

  1. Check if there are any problems with the device.
  2. Check the correct conductors
  3. Setting the touch screen delay
  4. Adjusting settings from the control panel
  5. Scan the computer

1. Hardware malfunction check

You should first check if there are any problems with the hardware. You may have tried it before, but it’s the first thing to check. Connect the mouse to another computer if you have one available.

If you connected the mouse via a faulty USB port, try using a different USB port to see if the problem persists from there.

If everything works as it should, there is of course no problem with the mouse itself, otherwise just replace it and the problem is solved.

Are you looking for a reliable mouse to replace your old one? This list can help you.

2. Check the correct conductors.

  1. Type Device Manager in the search box on the home screen and open the program. Device Manager.
  2. Navigate to mice and other pointing devices.
  3. Right click on each driver and select Update.
  4. Drivers not currently in use should also be excluded.
  5. Then restart your Windows 10 computer and make sure the Windows 10 mouse crash problem is solved.

If the problem persists after the driver update, try to perform the operation manually. Go back to the device manager and remove the driver associated with the mouse. Then go to the official website of the manufacturer of the mouse and download/install the drivers manually.

To avoid damaging your system settings, we strongly recommend using specialized software such as DriverFix to search the Internet and suggest the right drivers to update your old drivers.

DriverFix not only makes your job easier, but you can also use the tool to further monitor your key drivers and system processes to optimize and update them accordingly.


Avoid mouse problems due to outdated drivers and keep your system up to date with the latest tools.

3. Touch screen delay Setting

  1. Press the Win+I shortcut keys on your computer.
  2. System Preferences are displayed; click Devices.mouse jump settings windows
  3. Then select the Mouse and Trackpad tab.
  4. Select the touchpad in the next window.
  5. Change the delay using the drop-down menu.
  6. Set the delay to different values and test the mouse; if the accidental jump disappears, you’ve just found the right solution to the problem.
  7. Deactivating the touch screen

For the same reasons explained in the previous troubleshooting, you should also try to turn off the touch screen.

  1. On the home screen, click on the arrow next to the clock and then right click on the trackpad icon.
  2. Select the property of the touchpad and click on the tab associated with your own touchpad in the next window.
  3. Click Stop Device or select the Disconnect check box when an external USB pointing device is connected.

Use this manual to avoid interference with the touchpad.

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