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The competition received more than 135,000 entries to collect happy images from mobile lens manufacturers around the world.

Vivo announced the photo of the year and named the winners of the Vivo VISION+ 2020 photo contest for mobile phones, in which participating photographers from all over the world submit excellent and cheerful images through their mobile lens.

The success of the Vivo VISION+ Awards demonstrates Vivo’s commitment to mobile photography technology and the exploration of visual aesthetics. The amazing work of the winning photographers is now on show and visible to the public, which is a successful and promising start for today’s Vivo VISION+ ecosystem.

Collaboration with National Geographic to explore the cultural value of mobile photography.

With smartphones, more people can experience the pleasure of taking photos in this modern age of visual expression. In September 2020, vivo VISION+ announced a visual content ecosystem for the global market based on JOY IMAGE.

As part of the VISION+ initiative, Vivo has partnered with National Geographic for the Vivo VISION+ 2020 Mobile Photography Awards, which focus on exceptional imagery and optics capable of capturing the essence of individual emotions and humanistic culture. Designers from all over the world were invited to open the camera on their smartphones, take photos and communicate.

Vivo Vision Plus

After a submission period of two months, the Vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography 2020 Awards received more than 135,000 mobile photos and videos from nine countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, China and Vietnam.

A total of 37 extraordinary creations were selected by a jury of some of the world’s best photographers and imaging experts, including Steve McCurry and Michael Halsband. This series of moving images reflects the human stories and landscapes of the world in 2020.

Vivo Vision Plus

Participation in the Vivo VISION+ Mobile Photo 2020 contest

Illuminating the joy of peace in pictures

Several photographers have succeeded in interpreting the joys of everyday life before your eyes with mobile phone photos in a variety of styles, ranging from lively portraits and breathtaking landscapes to glorious nights and fleeting memories.

The Vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography 2020 awards are divided into six categories, including portrait, night, landscape, movement, memory and history.

Several prizes were also awarded as part of this competition, including Image of the Year, Winner, Honourable Mention and Finalist categories. Vivo named Zhang Yu’s creation entitled The Daily Life of Four Big Lipped Monsters as the image of the year in the Vivo VISION+ 2020 mobile photo contest.

Vivo Vision Plus

The daily life of four noisy monsters, the image of the year in the Vivo VISION+ 2020 photo contest for mobile phones, made by Zhang Yu, China.

Zhang Yu suggested that the children refer to the gesture, as shown in the picture with their hand in the collar of his shirt, like the monster with the big mouth. A moment of playing children in the form of monsters with big mouths was captured by the creator with his smartphone and served as a beacon of hope in the middle of a difficult 2020.

Camp Night with Beloved Friends, a creation by Rifka Moh Lutpi from Indonesia, received an honourable mention. This picture shows three beloved friends talking in front of a burning fire on a dark night. The creator expressed a subtle way of thinking: In my life, camping is the most exciting story, the greatest moment…. We must enjoy every moment of life and live it to the fullest through a rich variety of activities.

Vivo Vision Plus

A night camping with your favorite friends, the creation of Rifka Moh Lutpi from Indonesia.

Numerous mobile phone photos were submitted in the categories portrait, night, landscape, movement, memory and history. In the Mobile Video Story category, Opera Watch, the winning project by Chen Lei (China), focuses on a traditional Sichuan opera company that brings to life the coexistence of human culture in soft scenes with folk drum music.

Vivo Vision Plus

Opera clock, mobile video creation by Chen Lei from China

The best contributions have been published and can be consulted on the official Vivo VISION+ website (https://visionplus.vivo.com/). For example, there is Steel Steel with Bridge, a creation by Pyae Phyo Aung from Myanmar in the category Night, Balinese Woman, a creation by Arif Satria from Indonesia in the category Portrait and Replication, a creation by Lin Haibo from China in the category Souvenirs, which presents incredibly intriguing works in the field of mobile photography.

Vivo Vision Plus

Steel with bridge, the winning creation of Pyae Phyo Aung from Myanmar in the night category.

Vivo Vision Plus

Balinese who won the creation of Arif Satria from Indonesia in the portrait category.

Vivo Vision Plus

Reproduction, the winning creation of Lin Haibo from China in the category Memory.

Dive into mobile photography to enable more creativity through innovation

Vivo is a leading global technology company focused on developing products that focus on intelligent devices and services. In 25 years of technology-driven growth, Vivo has always communicated carefully with users to proactively meet their needs.

Providing the masses with the best expression and creativity tool for humanized professional imaging is Vivo’s mantra as a technology brand. Vivo wants more people to focus on the warmest details of real life, capture the touching emotions of everyday events and share those feelings with the world.

In the future, Vivo will continue to work with creative people to offer more humane professional photography that better meets users’ needs and ultimately fulfils its cultural responsibility as a brand with 380 million users.

This article contains the contents of a press release issued by the company and does not constitute advice or recommendation.

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